My Ideal Client

I’m sick and tired of seeing loud mouthed braggarts captivate the attention of a crowd and take the marketing world by storm, while you’re left sitting on the sidelines with no-one noticing you. I’ve had enough of fake people, fake websites and fake news. And I’m fed up with billionaire bullies, terrorists and warlords getting attention they don’t deserve.


Why aren’t you getting the attention you deserve?


When someone asks you what you do, you tell them you never know what to say when someone asks you that question. You don’t confidently tell them about the problem you solve and the transformation your solution provides for your target market.

You’re highly qualified and experienced in your field but you feel like an imposter and you don’t promote yourself much at all. Your audience doesn’t know who you are or what you’ve got for them and they’re confused. That’s a big problem because a confused mind never buys and that means no sales, no money, no business…

When you know what your brand’s value is to your clients, customers and prospects, it’s becomes much easier to communicate with confidence and conviction.

In fact, the ability to communicate with confidence and conviction is the single greatest skill that will help you to fast track your journey from invisible and unknown to rock star marketer with an audience who loves your brand story and buys your digital products.


My Ideal Client

You’re my ideal client if:

  • You’re a digital marketer or creative entrepreneur who wants clarity about the problem you solve and the transformation your solution provides for your target market.
  • You’re an introvert who’s afraid of standing out and being noticed and you want to be more visible and confident;
  • You’re highly qualified and experienced in your field, but you feel like an imposter and you would prefer to feel like an authority and leader in your field;
  • You have a digital product or great offer to sell and you’re ready to hire a sales copywriter and brand storyteller;
  • You want to fast track your journey from invisible and unknown to rock star marketer.


I’m a good fit for digital marketers and creative entrepreneurs who sell:

  • One-on-one and group programs
  • Digital products like eBooks and eCourses
  • Masterminds, retreats and workshops

If you want to sell your products and services and fast track your journey from invisible and unknown to rock star marketer, you can hire me to develop and write your brand story, key messages, sales pages, about pages, home pages and other copy.


Who Am I?

I’m Maureen P. Price, author of JOIN THE REVOLUTION: How Baby Boomer Women Can Thrive in the Digital and Information Revolution.  

I’ve written about branding and superstars for the Huffington Post.

Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham, the World’s Leading Marketing Authority and Creator of the Strategy of Pre-eminence, inform my work.

By studying their great contributions to the fields of copywriting, advertising and marketing and researching Internet rock stars like Marie Forleo, Leonie Dawson, Kimra Luna and Sandi Krakowski, I’ve uncovered the copywriting and branding strategies that have transformed everyday people into rock star marketers.

I’m a former mental health practitioner and scuba diving instructor, so I know how the mind works, especially how people process information, language and emotion.

I’m fascinated by the work of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell and I think you will be too, when you discover that Hollywood films like Star Wars are still using their ideas today and making millions.

I use Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey storytelling structure and Jung’s archetypes that have been further developed by marketing experts, to help you fast track your journey from invisible and unknown to rock star marketer.


A Defining Moment

I remember a defining moment when I was 14 years old. My sister and I were singing while Mum played the piano. I was enjoying myself when Mum said: “Shut up Maureen and let Janice sing. She’s got a better voice than you.”

I was in a state of shock. My power drained out of me and I felt shut down. I stood aside while Janice sang and I felt humiliated and upset. At the end of the song, Mum and Janice laughed at me and I felt more humiliated, more upset. I burst out crying and they kept laughing.

It took me years of personal development work to feel confident about my voice again and that was my speaking voice, not my singing voice. I used to wish that I had one of those posh British accents but I don’t and I never will.

I love my Australian accent and my loved ones do too. I’m never going to sing like Lady Gaga or Rihanna but that doesn’t matter because I’m a writer not a singer. And by the way, Janice never did become a singer and Mum apologised many years later.


Combining Purpose with Voice

The key thing I learned was not to compare myself with others. When I compared myself to others, I told myself that I didn’t measure up, that I wasn’t good enough and I felt drained and powerless. However, when I combined my purpose with my voice, I felt inspired and empowered.

My purpose is to inspire and empower you to express your unique voice, so you can share your gifts with your tribe.

Imagine confidently standing out in a crowded market because your gifts, purpose and personality have been developed into an inspiring, powerful brand.

Imagine getting your message heard because you’ve developed a powerful, confident brand voice as an authority and leader in your field.

Imagine people buying your products and services, because you’ve discovered the exact words and phrases that capture their attention and inspire them to take action.


Build a Brand and Become Highly Visible

Ideal client


It’s time to stop blending in and being like everyone else. You need to build a brand that gives you credibility and authority and distinguishes you from your competitors.

You need to ensure your brand is known to the world. If you don’t, other people will brand you with their opinions, or worse, make you invisible.

Increased visibility equals increased credibility + increased profitability. People have more trust in a brand they are familiar with and are therefore more likely to buy.

Great brands stand for something and are highly visible.

  • Google – Organising the World’s Information
  • Evernote – Remember Everything
  • Red Bull – Gives You Wings… Extreme Sports
  • GoPro – Capture Different
  • The North Face – Never Stop Exploring
  • Shiseido – This moment. This life. Beautifully.
  • Sofitel – Just Say So


Sales Copywriting

People make buying decisions based on emotion and justify their purchases with logic. They buy products whose advertising promises them better health, better relationships, more money, more time, more status, more adventure, more fun and value for money.

Even if you’re a good writer, commercial writing is different, because it requires extensive knowledge of language, sales psychology and proven copywriting frameworks.

If your brand stands for something that resonates with your audience’s needs, desires and problems and provides great value for money, they will buy your products and services.


The Power of Making a Decision

You have the power to decide who you want to be and what you want to be known for.

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is great power in making the decision to fast track your journey from invisible and unknown to rock star marketer. You feel inspired and empowered to move forward on your goals with confidence, clarity and conviction. It is this certainty that gives you the power to slay the dragons of self-doubt, insecurity and procrastination.

If you want to fast track your journey from invisible and unknown to rock star marketer, I have a free eBook that you can download from my site, in exchange for your email address. This means you will have first access to my new blog posts and any new offers I create.

The book is titled THE COPYWRITING AND BRANDING ROAD MAP: How to Fast Track Your Journey from Invisible and Unknown to Rock Star Marketer with an Audience Who Loves Your Brand Story and Buys Your Digital Products. It has 4 chapters:

  • Tell your brand story
  • Brand like a rock star
  • Brand with archetypes
  • Have confidence like a rock star

When you read this book, you will discover how you can work with me. And if you’re a fan of Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, you will be inspired, informed and entertained. Scroll up and hit the Download Now orange button.




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