How to be an Online Entrepreneur

Share your knowledge, life experience, research and advice with the world and experience financial freedom by being an online entrepreneur.

You could be an author, life coach, business coach, entrepreneur or digital marketer and run webinars and online courses.


Define What You Can Offer the World

There are 3 main areas in life where people need solutions: health, wealth and relationships.

What problem can you help people solve?

Can you get clear and specific on how your knowledge, skills and expertise will provide the solution to a problem for a client group?

passion + skill + usefulness = success

Write Your Business Vision Statement

Write your business vision statement and make sure it is aligned with your purpose. Stay tuned in to your vision statement every day.


Define Your Purpose

Know that purpose is self-defined rather than discovered, and it can shift and change throughout your life. Ask yourself what you want to stand for? Remember life’s purpose is to be vibrant, present and joyful.

if you are insecure

Develop Multiple Streams of Income

Work on developing multiple streams of income to achieve financial freedom. Write out your financial goals and develop a strategy and timeline to achieve them. Do not allow your current situation to rule your life. Realise it is just the launching pad for your greater purpose.


Create an Automated Asset

Firstly you need to choose your topic and decide what you are going to teach.

Will you teach health and wellness, graphic design, cooking, writing, photography, publishing or something else?

Secondly you need to package your knowledge, content and research into products for sale online. Your products could be any of the following: eBooks, special reports, audio programs or online courses.

Thirdly you need to promote your product.

Let’s look at the figures that are possible here.


You talk with people by phone or Skype phone individually or in groups for one hour a week for 3 weeks of each month.

One On One 12 Month Coaching Plan

15 clients @ $1000 a month x 12 months = $180,000

Group Coaching

30 clients @ $497 a month x 12 months = $178,920

TOTAL FOR 12 MONTHS = $358,920

Even if you only did 10% of these figures, you would still make $35,892.

Or if you did not do coaching and wrote eBooks and ran online courses, the following are the figures that are possible.

100 x eBooks a month @ $10 for 12 months = $12,000

40 x online courses a month @ $997 for 12 months = $478,560

TOTAL FOR 12 MONTHS = $490,560

You can see by these figures that the money is in online courses. People just can’t get enough great information on the Internet. If you can teach something that people want to learn and that you’re passionate about, you could make a lot of money.

Create Content

You need to schedule blocks of time to create content for client outcomes.

Think about how you can help people move closer to achieving their goals and then create one low tier product (usually $200 or under) and one high tier product (usually $500 and above) and market those products to your email subscriber list.

The technology is easy to learn and it is possible to figure everything out. If you can’t figure something out, you can always pay someone to do it for you.

I did not know how to do any of these things when I first started, and I quickly learned I could do more than I thought I could, and you will too.

Do you want to be an author, business coach or digital marketer?

What eBook would you love to write?

What online course would you love to create?


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