How to Plan a Successful Year

how to plan a successful year
If you want to plan a successful year, think about what you would like to achieve in all areas of your life and business by New Years Eve, 12 months or more from now, depending on when you are reading this.

Take time out for reflection before you start planning.

Remember to name and acknowledge your achievements, assess what you need to improve and what support and resources you need.

#1 Schedule Holidays in Your Calendar

Schedule holidays
Take time off on all the major holidays and your birthday, 2 weeks for the Christmas holidays and 2 weeks mid year or more if you can.

#2 Set Your Intentions

You need to make a decision that the next 12 months will be different to the last. Think about what you would like to achieve by New Year’s Eve the following year.

#3 Take Time Out to Visualise Your Life

The busyness of life takes over, so you need to schedule time out in a place where you will not be disturbed. You could take one hour a day for 5 days, half a day or one day. You need to be willing to focus and feel inspired about planning a successful year.

#4 Give Yourself Permission to Succeed

Give yourself permission to think about what you really want in all areas of your life including health, relationships, finances, work/business, leisure time and spirituality. Remember to include experiences that bring you joy and pleasure.

#5 Choose 3 Big Goals and Allocate 3 Milestones

Schedule your milestones in your calendar and make sure you are on track for the year by checking your calendar daily.

Remember what you write in your calendar gets done.

Assess all your opportunities against these goals by asking yourself whether the opportunity is in alignment with your goals.

This makes it easier to say no to opportunities that are not in alignment and gives you the time to laser focus on your goals.

#6 Write Your Business Vision Statement

You can create and visualise whatever you want. It’s never too late to accomplish what is most important to you. You deserve to have a life and business you love.

#7 Identify the Cost of Not Planning a Successful Year

What will the personal cost be, if you continue down the same path, getting caught up in the busyness of life and not accomplishing your goals?

Imagine the disappointment, regret and sorrow you will feel.

Imagine being in control and feeling the joy, confidence and peace of mind that comes with achieving your goals.


Imagine how you will feel on New Year’s Eve when you have had your most successful year ever!


What do you want to accomplish in the next 12 months?


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