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Maureen was able to translate my words of what I thought was a jumbled mess of confusion into a clear and concise message that made sense

Jacinda Meiklejohn “I came to Maureen knowing I wanted help to better communicate and connect with my tribe through my copy. What I got from our experience was so much more than that.

While working with Maureen, I gained SO much depth of clarity about who I was and wasn’t talking to. I felt free to let go of a big part that I had not previously realised was not in alignment with me.

Maureen has the ability to cut right to the heart of what you’re saying and hear beyond just the words.

She really heard and understood me better than I could myself.

Maureen was able to translate my words of what I thought was a jumbled mess of confusion into a clear and concise message that made sense. What a relief!

Maureen went above and beyond to co-create a title and tag line that sums up what I’m all about it. The process was fun, creative and synchronistic. I love what she has come up with and I can’t wait to integrate it into my website.

I highly recommend working with Maureen if you want to have fun translating your words and story into a message that aligns with you and connects with your tribe.”

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Maureen is a master at her craft and brought my stories to life through the words she used

testimonial“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Maureen to write my tagline, some copy for my website and my About Page. 

She has a true gift in asking the right questions, paying attention to the stories I shared and bringing these to life through the words she has used. 

It feels powerful to present my message elegantly, and I am now focused and clear in sharing my mission and vision with the world.

Maureen is a master at her craft and brought my energy to life with words. I loved her ideas and what she wrote for me. Truly magical!

Her process is organised and effective and she is fast and reliable. Each part of the process was fun, thoughtful and professional.

I really found myself opening up and sharing stories easily. This definitely brought out the Wow factor!

I highly recommend her work if you have a powerful message to share with the world.”

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“As I listened to the blue lagoon guided visualisation, the beautiful soothing music took me far away to my own slice of paradise. As I relaxed and let go, I could feel the water on my skin, see the colours and surrounds vividly and feel the joy, prosperity and freedom that I am seeking. I didn’t want to come back! Thanks Maureen for a beautiful visualisation.”

Georgette Mchaileh | Scientist

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“What an amazing visualisation! I felt relaxed, calm and completely refreshed afterward. Thank you Maureen, I found your voice to be very soothing and the story completely engaging.”

Michelle Scott | Early Childhood Educator

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“I feel incredibly blessed to have experienced this beautiful guided visualization. The relaxing music stirred something deep inside me and I felt centered and able to release anxiety and tension. Maureen’s guidance kept me focused and I felt as though I was really physically there. The steps down had me filled with anticipation to reach my special place where the magic happens. By letting it all go and allowing the light to infiltrate my cells, I found renewed energy and strength to look forward to creating my ideal life. Thank you Maureen for a real treat.”

Caroline McMillan | Registered Nurse & NLP Practitioner

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Maureen helped me feel joy and passion again

testimonial“Maureen helped me to think more clearly about why I have been feeling so tired and exhausted every day for the past 8 years by asking questions about my life.

During my third session with Maureen, I reignited my passion for travel to the Greek Islands and I felt more energised and alive than I had in years.

I highly recommend Maureen as a coach because she has helped me to take care of me and feel joy and passion in my life again. I’ll be sending her a postcard from the Greek Islands!”   


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Maureen inspired me to chase my dreams

testimonial“Maureen’s communication style is warm and engaging.

We quickly established a good rapport and she assisted me to visualise new horizons, identify my goals and achieve clarity of vision.

I can honestly say that Maureen inspired me to chase my dreams.”


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Maureen was 100% there for me

testimonial“Before I started working with Maureen I was overwhelmed with everything I needed and wanted to do to get my new business started.

Maureen was 100% there for me and motivated me to reach so many of my goals in such a short amount of time

It was nice to know I didn’t have to do everything at once and we broke it down into smaller steps and it got me to focus on what needed to be done. Thank you Maureen!”


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